Why We Need Mirrors

It would be easy to say that there is no real reason we need mirrors. To some extent that would be true, if we lived in the dark ages. In today’s world most people get one chance to make an impression on another, so the impression should be a good one. Without mirrors we do not know how we look or will be perceived. Mirrors play an essential part in our every day life, whether we want them to or not.

I am someone who does not make judgements on people by how they appear. It can be very misleading. What is usually not misleading is what you see if you look into another person’s eyes. When I meet someone I look deeply into their eyes to see not emotions, rather if they have a look of a smile hiding in their eyes. Even in our darkest hours, a smile will still be hidden in the eyes of a nice person, unless they have been hurt very badly, then you will see a guarded person. There is nothing wrong with being guarded, at times we all put our guard up, but if we have not been hurt badly the smile still is there.

By not judging anyone on their appearance, I have met so many nice people, some I might not have if I judged their outside appearance. I have also met some that are not nice. The ones that were not nice had that look in their eye that was a signal to me that they were not as nice as they were presenting themselves. These people on the outside looked like every other nice person, But their eyes told me different. I ignored what I saw in their eyes only to find out that my first impression of these people was correct. As for the guarded eyes, if you get to know a person with guarded eyes and that will be up to them, as they are guarded, you will find that many are nice too. Hurt, hardened by whatever makes them guarded, but usually very nice, having had to overcome their hardship. If I had to put a percentage on nice vs. not nice, I think the majority of people I have met are nice.

I was brought up to always appear my best. Especially if it were going to be under difficult circumstances. I was taught to always hold my head high and smile. I taught myself never to show sadness or other emotions I did not want others to see. I am not sure that was what my parents meant when they told me to always dress well and smile. For me, being able to do “dress the part” and “act the part” seem necessary, I would not know how to do it any other way. Or maybe I should say, I know no other way, it is who I am. Am I a nice person? I do not know. I know I can be extremely nice, caring, loving and generous. I know I can also be uncaring, distant and yes a little mean, though never cruel.

I do know I should not care what people think of me, I never have, but for some reason lately it matters. I do not want to look sad, lonely or any other term that would go with pathetic. I want people to look at me and say how well I have held up through everything. But the truth is, the appearance I am giving is just that, an appearance. The mirror has helped me to give the appearance of someone who has held up through a hard three years. While I do not really care about mirrors, they have become a necessity in my life, even if only for a glance.